Lent 2020 — Day 40

from Lonnie Buerge, April 5, 2020

I’m not a theologian or historian, not even very astute to the meaning behind most behavior but I have become intrigued by the people around the scene and am just thinking about it. If this is blasphemy then so be it, if it is not factual, then i hope it at least has some truth in it. In the end, it’s just words put into shape:

Judas, Judas I understand you the
best of all the disciples for you wanted
what so many others yearned for,
you sought a connection to the savior
a relationship that could not be broken
but it was not going to happen,
the Man you followed was
going to move forward, become
the sacrifice, he would leave you
at the mercy of the others,
unprotected, unsure
of any future and no place to put
your love for your leader
so you sold your access,
your connection to your friend
not so much to betray him
although you did that, too
but to keep from being the loser,
you taking the reins and loosing
the one that you loved before
you would be the one left alone,
but, of course, you felt the pang
of remorse, the sorrow for needing
your friend so much that you would
betray him and so you tried to roll
back the scene, rewind the damage
but the religious would have
nothing of your remorse,
nothing of your sorrow,
rejected your regret
laughed at your need.

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